Planning cycle

The Council's planning processes start with an understanding of the community outcomes. The community outcomes are a collection of aspirations relating to life in our City and were developed through community consultation. The Council’s vision, strategies, plans and policies are all designed to contribute to the fulfilment of those aspirations.

The Council creates strategies that set out its intentions for different areas of its business and development of the city. These are given effect through regulation (e.g. district plans and bylaws) and more detailed plans for the Council’s service delivery. Policies help to shape the way these services are provided or guide the way the Council will respond to certain events.

The Council’s ten year business plan is detailed in the Long Term Plan (LTP). The LTP brings together all the Council’s planning and legislative activity to specify the services to be provided and how they will be funded.

Area Plans

Area planning is the process Council is using to prepare options for future use and development of land at the edge of the urban area and outlying settlements.

Christchurch District Plan

District plans govern how land is used and developed. The council is required to have a district plan under section 31 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Suburban Centres Master Plans

Master plans are developed by the Council in collaboration with local stakeholders to help guide the rebuild and recovery.

Central City Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan was written after the 2011 earthquakes.

Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP)

The Land Use Recovery Plan puts land use policies and rules in place to assist rebuilding and recovery.

Long Term Plan and Annual Plans

Council's activities, services, capital programme and finances as part of Annual and Long Term Plans.

Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

The Lyttelton Port was badly damaged in the Christchurch Earthquakes. The Port needs certainty about repairing, rebuilding and reconfiguring its operations.

Annual Reports

The Annual Report sets out what the Christchurch City Council did in the past year, why we did those things, how much they cost, and how we paid for them.

Cemeteries Master Plan 2013

The Plan is one of a number of overlapping plans, strategies, policies, regulations, bylaws and other planning and regulatory documents that cover the cemeteries.

Cemeteries Conservation plans

Cemetery conservation plans identify the principles, policies and processes required to care for the cemeteries to safeguard their cultural heritage value.

Park Management Plans

Parks management plans and masterplans establish a vision for their future of parks, and set management objectives and policies.

Christchurch Energy Action Plan 2015

This plan is part of the Sustainable Energy Strategy 2008.

Resilient Greater Christchurch

Resilient Greater Christchurch forms part of the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy.

Community Planning

Community plans are developed by communities in partnership with the Council.

Cranford Regeneration Plan

The plan was prepared by Christchurch City Council and submitted to Regenerate Christchurch in July 2017.

Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour Plan

This plan provides guidance and actions to restore the ecological and cultural health of Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour and its hinterland as mahinga kai.