Cruising and Prohibited Times on Roads Bylaw 2014

Council, 1 December 2014.

The Christchurch City Council 2014 bylaw prohibits vehicles cruising and restricts nighttime access for vehicles on certain roads in the Christchurch district at specified days and times.

The Land Transport Act 1998 gave Council the power to enact such a bylaw.

Cruising is defined in the Land Transport Act 1998 as driving repeatedly in the same direction over the same section of a road in a motor vehicle in a manner that:

  1. Draws attention to the power or sound of the engine of the motor vehicle being driven; or
  2. Creates a convoy that
  3. Is formed otherwise than in trade; and
  4. Impedes traffic flow

The bylaw also gives the Council the power to set the period of time that must elapse between each time a driver drives on a specified road for the driver to avoid being regarded as cruising. The initial period of time is 4 hours.

Register of roads on which cruising is prohibited [PDF, 278 KB]

The Council also restricts nighttime access for vehicles on specified roads under 2014 Bylaw.

The following roads set out below and the days an times of the prohibition relating thereto were resolved on and included in the Ninth Schedule of the Christchurch City Traffic and Parking Bylaw 1991 on 9 July 2001.

The Council in its Thursday 12 May 2011 meeting revoked the existing times and days on the Register of Prohibited Times on Roads for the roads below. Various times, including new times, have been approved for these roads.

Register of prohibited times on roads [PDF, 176 KB]