Attendance records for elected members at meetings of the Council, Committees and Community Boards.

The attendance records do not reflect elected members' other commitments, which can have a significant workload and time commitment attached. For example, the Mayor represents the Council at a variety of civic events throughout New Zealand and further afield. Many Councillors attend a wide range of other meetings and events. Councillors also have an important ward role in representing constituents and answering their concerns.


Attendance at meetings may be affected by personal circumstances, such as bereavement or ill health. Councillors may also be absent from meetings because they are on Council business elsewhere.

The attendance records do not include members' late arrivals, absences during meetings or early departures. This information is recorded as part of the minutes.


Council Committees

Community Boards

Different Community Boards have different ways of operating.

For example, the Riccarton/Wigram and Burwood/Pegasus Boards hold confirmation meetings to confirm the minutes of previous meetings once per fortnight, immediately followed by Community Board seminars. Councillor and Deputy Mayoral duties often overlap with these confirmation meetings.

Consequently, Councillors' absence from the formal shorter confirmation Community Board meetings are recorded as late arrivals. These shorter meetings are mainly administrative, and no substantive decision-making takes place at them.