Each year we ask for your feedback on Central City. More than 3000 of you gave us feedback about the Central City in 2020, here is a summary of what you told us.

2020 results

Living in Central City

Moving to the Central City

Around 34% say they would consider moving to Central City. For those who would not consider moving, the types of housing not meeting respondents needs was the primary reason given. 

“I would live anywhere in CBD that has nice looking houses, street scape and tidy. The southern part of CBD  looks run down and old.”

Housing in the Central City

A terraced house or attached townhouse was the most appealing housing type for those looking to move into Central City, followed by low-rise apartment buildings. A lack of space and inappropriate housing for lifestyles were the top reasons respondents would not consider living in the above housing types.

“I could live there, its nice, but I like that you can have a big house and garden and still be walking distance from the central city, so the suburb works for me here at the moment.”

Visiting Central City

Most respondents agree that there's a range of entertainment opportunities, cafes, bars and restaurants in Central City. 69% of respondents visit Central City at least once a month or more to eat or drink at cafes, restaurants or bars.

54% of respondents had visited the Central City for non-work or educational purposes in the previous 7 days of completing the survey.

“Enjoyed meeting with friends checking out Riverside market and other shops etc" 

"I do think some of the shops are a bit too upmarket for the ordinary person to afford. Less designer more high street would be my choice."

Look and feel of Central City

Open green spaces and streetscapes are highly valued by respondents. Respondents also agree that there is a range of spaces and places where communities can gather, socialise, celebrate and hold events in the Central City.

Cleanliness and litter, and graffiti vandalism in Central City need improvement.

"Enjoy the landscaping that has been done but there is plenty more opportunity to increase the number of trees in CBD "

Transport in Central City

In 2020 there was a slight decrease in the proportion of respondents who find it easy to travel in the Central City, from 53% in 2019 to 45% in 2020. 

The main reasons respondents find it difficult to travel in Central City include:

  • Cost of parking (69%)
  • Availability of parking (63%)
  • The 30km/h speed limit (56%)

62% find it easy to travel in the Central City by bicycle (excluding those who 'don't know').

"The cycle lanes will be good once they're joined up, but at the moment its a little difficult in places for cars and bikes to share the road."

Safety in Central City

Although safety in Central City is improving steadily year on year, there is still room for improvement. 33% feel a bit unsafe or very unsafe in Central City after dark. 

The main reasons respondents do not feel safe in Central City after dark include:

  • People under the influence of drugs and alcohol (69%)
  • Anti-social behaviour (63%)
  • Begging (58%)

"Because the central city lacks large groups of people, there is isolated areas people have to walk. There is more safety in numbers."

The summary of results from the survey can be found in the 2020 Central City Summary Report. [PDF, 432 KB]

Past year's results

The 2019 Life in Christchurch Central City survey was undertaken during January and February 2019 and received around 2900 responses. It sought feedback on various aspects relating to the central city.

The results indicate that Christchurch residents take pride in their central city and support the rebuild as it progresses. There have been positive improvements across the themes in the survey compared to previous years, reflected by participant’s responses.

The results will help inform future planning and policy decisions as we develop Christchurch into a great place where people want to live and visit. More information about the results can be found in the full report [PDF, 1.1 MB].

More than 3000 people responded to the central city survey in 2018. The results indicate that residents perceptions of the central city are starting to improve.

An increasing number of people are finding it easy to travel in the central city, and more respondents are enjoying spending time in the central city.

Perceptions are housing remains an issue, particularly concerning the range of affordable, well-designed housing in the central city, however this is likely to improve as developments are completed and become available. 

The results will help inform future planning and policy decisions as we develop Christchurch into a great place where people want to live and visit. 

More than 2,700 people responded to the central city survey in 2017. The majority of respondents reported that they had visited the central city in the past 12 months; more than half of all respondents had visited for non-work purposes. While people reported feeling frustrated about transport issues, they were still visiting the central city.

The results will help inform future planning and policy decisions as we develop Christchurch into a great place where people want to live and visit.