Life in Christchurch

Life in Christchurch surveys help us gauge your views on what it's like to live in Christchurch.

The surveys are run throughout the year, covering a range of topics related to life in Christchurch.

First undertaken in 2016, the Life in Christchurch survey started as a comprehensive survey of resident perceptions of various aspects of Life in Christchurch. In 2017, it was decided that the Life in Christchurch survey would consist of a series of smaller topic-based surveys.

There is typically three to four Life in Christchurch surveys covering different topics over the year. 

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About the survey

The Life in Christchurch survey series(external link) is a web-based survey conducted by the Council's Monitoring and Research Team.

The survey is open to all Christchurch residents and is voluntary. You are under no obligation to complete it. 


Life in Christchurch is a web-based survey that uses a snowball method to reach respondents, using a word-of-mouth approach rather than the more traditional random sample selection methodology.

The snowball method works on the premise that participants will then share the survey with further participants; it is called snowballing as (in theory) once you have the ball rolling, it picks up more 'snow' along the way and continues to grow.

The advantages of using the snowball methodology are:

  • It enables the targeting of specific groups of interest, such as people with disabilities or smaller ethnic groups.
  • It often reaches communities that are not easily accessible by more traditional survey methods, or formal consultation.

This method provides results that are indicative rather than representative of the wider community. It also results in high numbers of respondents because the sample size is unlimited. Typically, each Life in Christchurch survey can receive between 2000 to 4500 respondents.

Respondents are able to sign-up to receive notifications(external link) when there is another opportunity to provide feedback on other Council services. 

The survey is sent via email to respondents and available via various social media platforms. Participants are encouraged to share the survey through their networks and with friends and whānau. 

Results from the Life in Christchurch survey series feed into the Community Outcomes monitoring programme at the Christchurch City Council and information is available to help inform Council decision-making. The results and a summary report of each Life in Christchurch survey are available on our website.

Why we need this information

Your feedback is important in helping the Council better understand what makes Christchurch, including Banks Peninsula, a great place to live. The answers provided will help the Council better understand the views of different groups of people in different parts of the city, and develop the appropriate services to better meet your needs. 

The Life in Christchurch survey programme is aimed at everyone in Christchurch and is only available online. The survey can also be accessed at Council libraries. 

Why we ask for personal information

It is important for us to understand the views of different groups and communities throughout the city and to develop the appropriate services and support networks to better meet the needs of the community.

All the survey information is private, anonymous and confidential. Responses will not be passed on or sold to any third party.

Providing feedback on Council services

 Sign up to receive notifications (external link)when there is an opportunity to provide feedback on other Council services,

Problems with the survey

If you're having problems submitting your survey,  note the details of the problem and contact the Monitoring and Research Team by emailing


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