The Council's values and goals.


Five organisational goals help to deliver on the vision:

  • Being customer-driven and community-orientated
  • Thinking strategically and acting as one organisation
  • Building leadership capability throughout the organisation
  • Being performance-driven and accountable for results
  • Behaving according to shared values.


Values form the basis of our organisational culture by guiding behaviour and performance in the workplace. Our shared values were developed in 2005 by a broad range of employees across the organisation. All employees are required to adopt them in their work for the Council at all times.

As employees of the Council we aim to behave as:

One team, making it happen, with integrity and passion

  • One team: We work together, respect and support each other.
  • Making it happen: We deliver excellence for our customers through innovation and consistent high standards.
  • With integrity: We are honest, transparent and take responsibility.
  • And passion: We work with energy and enthusiasm, celebrate our successes and have fun.

These vision, values and goals are also relevant to our recruitment and selection process for those wanting to find jobs and employment within the Council.

Our values and goals work to support each other through Community Outcomes.