This section lists important council events that took place between 1851 and 1980.

Council history: 1851-1860

Canterbury Provincial Government replaces the Canterbury Association, and Hagley Park is created.

Council history: 1861-1880

Christchurch City Council established. Find our where the Four Avenues got their names.

Council history: 1881-1900

Lancaster Park, the tramway to Sumner and Municipal Chambers open, streets get sealed and Borough Councils are formed.

Council history: 1901-1920

Cathedrals opened, first electric trams, first electric streetlights, first woman councillor, high-pressure water supply, and more Borough Councils.

Council history: 1921-1940

New Council offices in Manchester street, Harewood Airport and Summit Road open, first pensioner housing and diesel buses.

Council history: 1941-1960

Farewell to the trams and trolley buses, hello to the libraries, the international airport (New Zealand's first), and parking meters.

Council history: 1961-1980

First District Plan, high-rise glass building, parking building, section of Northern Motorway and women bus drivers.