During Christchurch local elections, this app lets you browse candidates and find out when and how to vote.

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Celect is a free and easy way to view candidates in Christchurch's local elections.

During the election period, Celect lets you browse the profiles of candidates for:

  • Mayor
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Community Boards
  • Environment Canterbury

Shortlist candidates so you can find them easily on voting day. 

Find out when and how to vote, and receive notifications about the important election and voting dates.

Celect also shows you the full results after the election. The information currently on Celect relates to the 2019 elections – the next local election is in October 2022 and information will be updated in the coming months.


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Download the Celect Election information app on the Apple App store(external link)  Download the Celect Election information app on the Google Play store(external link)