HMNZS Steadfast tracks proposal

We're inviting comments on the amended track layout in the HMNZS Steadfast landscape plan, before reporting the plan to the Community Board for approval.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 24th September 2021 - 10th October 2021

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Why we are  proposing to update the track layout in the landscape plan 

HMNZS Steadfast tracks proposal view to Whakaraupo

Although mountain biking and shared use tracks were not explicitly included in the original consultation material, feedback to the HMNZS Steadfast draft landscape plan included comments from more than a third of submitters that a range of track users should be provided for - including some strong advocacy for mountain biking. 

In preparing the updated tracks plan, we further investigated issues such as hazard zones and gradient. This was followed by a site meeting between Council staff, the Cass Bay Reserve Management Committee and mountain bike representatives, to discuss suitable track options.

As background information to the amended tracks proposal you can view:

  • The amended track layout includes walking tracks, shared-use tracks, and a mountain bike-only section of track. Numbering on the attached plan shows the planned staging and priority for inclusion of tracks in the park.
  • Tracks are not proposed in the eastern side of the park due to the risk of rock fall and unsuitable terrain, as shown in the hazard map.
  • Throughout the park, signs will indicate designated track use and, where relevant, the direction of mountain biking.
  • Shared use for the wide mown grass loop track on the lower area. This existing four wheel drive track has good visibility and width, and is considered suitable for a range of abilities and ages of cyclists as well as walkers. Similar tracks work well across the Port Hills.
  • The shared track extends to the start of a one way mountain bike loop and carries on up the valley to join the proposed section of walking track to Whakaraupo Reserve.
  • The mountain bike loop is designed mainly for beginner to intermediate level use - especially younger riders - and includes a dedicated down-hill section.
  • Walkers share the top section of the mountain bike track via an alternative walking-only track from the park entrance along the western boundary, which aims to divert them away from high use activity spaces in the park, when in use.
  • An informal walking-only alternative route higher up in the park now crosses the western side of the valley and links back to the proposed track to Whakaraupo.

We have not been able to accommodate submitter requests for mountain bike access via Whakaraupo to the ridgeline to link with other tracks in the area.

This section of track is for walkers only and the steep and difficult terrain is unsuitable for mountain biking. Signs will indicate walking only.

You can view and print this larger plan for consultation  [PDF, 5 MB]

Come and talk to us at HMNZS Steadfast

Thursday 30 September, between 4.30pm and 6pm. 

This will only happen if we are Level 2, and corresponding restrictions of record keeping, distancing and mask wearing will apply.

We will include a notice on this web page if the session is cancelled.

Your feedback on the tracks proposal will help us finalise the landscape plan to take back to the Community Board for approval.

Once we have considered all the feedback, we will send you

  • The final proposal including changes made in response to both rounds of consultation
  • A consultation summary
  • Details of the community board meeting and how to request to speak to them about your submission/s, (noting this will be at a later meeting than the building lease agreement report).

To keep the process moving, we will now be taking a report for a decision on the building leases to the Te Pātaka o Rākaihautū Banks Peninsula Community Board 11 October meeting.

Feedback to the landscape plan including strong community support for ongoing access to and use of the buildings has been taken into account in finalising the proposal for the future use of the buildings.

The Cass Bay Residents' Association are in negotiation with the Council and have indicated willingness to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with TS Godley.

The report will be available at three working days before the meeting.

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Who to contact

Philippa Upton,
Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

  • Closed for feedback