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Residential development - 240 Spencerville Rd

This publicly notified resource consent application is for subdivision of the site to create 70 residential allotments, roads and utility reserve, land use consent for dwellings and earthworks.

Linwood pool cover pic

New Linwood Pool - draft layout

Kīkīa kia rongo! Have your say and be heard!

We are seeking feedback on the layout of the new Linwood Pool before a final design is presented to the Community Board for approval.

Colombo St

Brougham Street/Moorhouse Avenue area

Making it safer and easier to get around as Christchurch grows.

Rotten row for web

Proposal for baches at Taylors Mistake and Bays

Council is deciding whether to offer bach owners a licence to occupy the legal road (public road reserve) at Taylors Mistake, Hobsons Bay and Boulder Bay. If a licence is offered, we also need to decide what the licence conditions will be.


Landscape Plan for park at old Redcliffs School site

We are seeking feedback on a draft landscape plan and a name for the new park at the old Redcliffs School site.

Redcliffs cover tile

Redcliffs Transport Project

We are seeking feedback on changes to parts of Main Road, Beachville Road, Celia Street and McCormacks Bay Road in Redcliffs . These changes will make it safer and easier for parents and children to access the new Redcliffs School.

Northwest view of the reserve

Misty Peaks Reserve - Draft Management Plan

The Council bought 500 hectares of the former Mt Desmond Station to form Misty Peaks Reserve, a scenic reserve that rises to nearly 800 metres above sea level.

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Te Oka Reserve - Draft Management Plan

The Council bought 903 hectares of farmland in Te Oka and Tumbledown valleys to form the park, aiming to protect and enhance natural values, and to provide recreational opportunities in a natural, semi-remote setting.