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Parking restrictions London Street, Lyttelton

With the rebuilding and relocation of the Lyttelton fire station and the ambulance station, we are reviewing the current on street parking layout on London Street West, Lyttelton.


Springs Road/Garvins Road right turn ban

We propose stopping vehicles turning right from Springs Road into Garvins Road.


Blenheim Road/Annex Road U-turn restriction

We propose banning vehicles from making a U-turn on Blenheim Road, at the intersection with Annex Road.


Main South Road right turn and U-turn restrictions

We propose stopping vehicles from turning right and making a U-turn in two locations on Main South Road.


Templeton area speed limit changes

We are proposing speed limit changes on a number of roads in the Templeton area.

Ferry Road view 1

Improvements to Woolston Village Centre

We’re getting back to you with a revised proposal and we’d like to hear your views

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