Smart Cities programme

We're exploring new technology and approaches to help make our city a smarter, safer place in which we live, work and play.

New smart technologies and sensors will allow us to gather real-time data on all sorts of things, so we can see how the city is functioning and respond appropriately.

Being a "smart city" will also bring many other benefits for Christchurch, such as better planning and decision making, attracting international talent to the city and creating new business opportunities. 

All our projects are grouped to fit in with the Council's priorities and are designed to create a better Christchurch for everyone. 

Work with us

We are currently working closely with Auckland and Wellington councils to share research and data, as well as partner companies (locally, nationally and internationally) and agencies to deliver our trials and projects.

In the next few months we will start working with the education sector, local residents, community groups and volunteers to create a connected city in which we all enjoy working and living. 

If you would like to find out more about the Council's Smart Cities programme, or explore ways you might be able to work with us in the future, please get in touch.


Introducing ‘Seismic Resilience as a Service’ to New Zealand.


Displays real-time information about Christchurch city.

Christchurch CBD models and visualisations

Pre and post-quake Christchurch CBD 3D visualisations.


How did you find your commute? Rate your journey.

Rubbish bin sensors

We’re using smart sensors to ensure rubbish bins are emptied at the right time.

Bigbelly Solar bins

Compacting solar powered rubbish and recycling bins.