Planting and play feature in the Gloucester-Worcester park landscape plan which includes a pathway linking both streets.

Project status: Analysis & reporting
Open for feedback: 20th November 2018 - 10th December 2018
20 Nov 2018

Proposed park and pathway through built-up neighbourhood

Bug hotels, play areas, native trees and an attractive seating area are planned alongside a formal pathway linking Gloucester Street, opposite Christchurch East School, and Worcester Street.

The Council purchased four properties damaged by the earthquakes in 2011. We have been working closely with the school and residents to develop a draft landscape plan. Some of you attended a sausage sizzle in March this year to pass on your ideas. Many of these have been included in the plan which is shown overleaf. The park does not currently have a name. We want you to tell us what you think.

If you want to talk to the project team, drop in and see us at the park on Thursday 29 November from 5.30-6.30pm.

Three of the key objectives for the new park are:

Gloucester Worcester park

  • Improved linkage between Gloucester and Worcester Streets;
  • Natural play; and
  • Low maintennce.

A 2 metre wide asphalt path winds through the park. This provides enough room for pedestrians and cyclists while not dominating other features such as the trees and play areas

 Park plan detail

Play areas

Chess board and barbeque pad

The open green space near the Gloucester Street frontage has been retained for ball games and other recreational uses. Some students at the school enjoy playing chess and a coloured concrete chess board and pieces have been included in the proposed landscape plan. The chess ‘board’ doubles as a barbeque pad. 

Chess pieces will be stored in storage seats, with backs and arms, near an accessible picnic table. This corner, with two new deciduous trees to provide shade in summer, can be used by groups, or parents watching children play.  Additional seating is provided near the Worcester Street entrance.

Bug hotels

to attract wildlife, a dry river bed and stepping posts are incorporated in the nature play area. Other features are:

  • Mound for climbing and digging
  • Informal paths through the garden beds
  • Boulders and logs for climbing and balancing
  • Talk tubes

An asphalt path ensures some of these features are more accessible.


In the draft landscape plan the pathway near the Worcester Street entrance is flanked with an avenue of native lacebark treesHoheria lyalli a 4 metre x 2.5 metre deciduous species small enough to avoid shading neighbours, and attractive to birds. These trees have bright green leaves and cherry-like white flowers in summer.

A proposed kauri tree at the Gloucester Street entrance is intended to mirror an existing tree at the school entrance across the road. Scented bushes and plants are proposed around the nature play area. Some additional fruit trees are intended to complement the existing peach, apple, plum, olive and walnut trees

A safety review has confirmed that lighting should not be used in the park.  At night, there are safer alternative routes available. Lighting can give people a false sense of security.

Art in the park

Students from Christchurch East School are working with an artist to create a mural on the white boundary wall on the eastern side of the park. The mural is not part of this consultation.

An artwork was proposed in early discussions with local residents.  We have a small fund for this purpose and want your ideas on what form this should take and how it could reflect the cultures of the local community.

Name wanted for park

The new park needs a name.  A resident asked the Council to find a Maori translation for a pathway link.  As a result Ngāi Tahu have gifted the name Te Ara a Rongo.

Ara is defined as a path between two locations (in this case the two streets).

Rongo is the Māori Atua / deity who has a number of names depending on the following:

Rongomātāne - deity of cultivated foods. In this case (and this reserve) would include the fruit trees.

Rongomaraeroa - deity of peace. In this case (and on this reserve) would include a safe space to reflect, and for our children to play and to flourish.

Local residents have also suggested the name Gloucester / Worcester Park because it is simple and describes the location.  This could be a descriptive name that sits with Te Ara a Rongo.

If you would like the Waikura / Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board and the Council to consider another descriptive name please include this in your feedback.

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