Some of the play items in Harrington Park in Riccarton are due for renewal. We are keen to understand how people are using the park and what they would like to do in the park, so that we can then put together a landscape plan for the park.

Project status: Open for feedback
Open for feedback: 8th October 2018 - 29th October 2018
08 Oct 2018

What is this project about?

Some of the playground equipment at Harrington Park in Riccarton is due for renewal.  In order to help us put together an initial landscape plan we would like to know who is using the park, how the park is being used and what type of activities the community might like to do in the park.

What is due for renewal?

Not every item in the park is up for renewal.  The cricket net, basketball court and the bulldozer will remain in their existing locations and the cricket and basketball items will have minor repairs where required.

The bulldozer will remain and is not part of the renewal

Come and talk to us

You can come and meet the project team, ask us any questions and drop off or fill in a survey with us. 

Event:  Riccarton Community Day

Date:  Saturday 20 October 2018

Time:  1 pm to 4 pm

Location:  Harrington Park, Peverel Street, Riccarton

What will happen with the information I provide?

The results of the survey will help us put together an initial landscape plan for the park, which we will then ask for further feedback on.  We may then make further changes to the landscape plan following community feedback.  Then this plan will be presented to the Waipuna/Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board for their approval.

When will the park be ready for use?

If the landscape plan is approved by the Community Board, we will be aiming for the work to be completed by the end of 2019.  This is dependent on contractor availability and weather conditions.

Current equipment at Harrington Park


8 October 2018 - Survey opens for feedback

20 October 2018 - Community day at Harrington Park from 1 pm to 4 pm

29 October 2018 - Survey closes for feedback

November 2018 - Feedback is analysed and used to create an initial landscape plan

November/December 2018 - Initial landscape plan is available for public comment

February/March 2019 - Community Board decision on landscape plan

By end of 2019 - Works completed by this date (subject to approval).

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Survey questions

To help us understand who is using the park, how it is being used now and how people would like to use it, please answer the questions below.

12. When deciding which park to visit, what types of facilities are important to you?  Please rank the options below with a number.  With 1 being most important and 12 being least important. 

Please allocate one number only for each item to be ranked, so that the same number is not used more than once.

13. What activities do you/your children enjoy the most?  Please rank the options listed below with a number, with 1 being your most enjoyable activity and 13 being your least enjoyable.

Please allocate one number only for each item to be ranked, so that the same number is not used more than once.

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