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Draft Annual Plan 2023/24

This year’s Draft Annual Plan sets out how we propose to manage ratepayers’ money and assets for the next 12 months. I think we can all see this is drafted against a tough backdrop.

Safety improvements for Avonhead Road and Withells Road

We're looking to install new safety features on Avonhead Road and Withells Road, near Burnside park.

Draft Community Board Plans

We’re developing our draft Community Board Plans across the city and Banks Peninsula and we’d like to hear your feedback.

Avebury Park playground renewal

Help us choose the type of equipment you would like to see at Avebury playground.

Queenspark Reserve playground upgrade

Help us by choosing your favourite play equipment for Queenspark Reserve playground.

Way safer crossing on Heaton Street

Tell us what you think about making it way safer to cross Heaton Street.

Avon Park redevelopment

We’re proposing a comprehensive redevelopment of Avon Park and the surrounding pockets of regeneration area between 740 Avonside Dr and Kerrs Rd to incorporate the City to Sea Pathway, improve local ecology and upgrade the current recreational facilities.

Christchurch Urban Forest Plan

Trees are on the job for us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to improve our local neighbourhoods, our wellbeing and helping to mitigate the effects of our changing climate.

Draft Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw 2023

We want to hear what you think about our proposed changes to our waste bylaws.

Wycola skate park

Wycola skate park has reached the end of its useable life and needs revamping. We want to know what features are important to you and any suggestions you may have.

Chartwell Reserve - playground upgrade

We've been working with the students of Waitākiri School to develop a new playground. We're now seeking your feedback on the design.

Sabina Playground renewal - landscape plan

Following community consultation, we've developed a landscape plan for the new playground

Safe speed neighbourhoods

We’re making it safer around all schools and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Coastal Hazards Adaptation - Whakaraupō and Koukourarata

We want to hear from anyone and everyone who lives, works or plays in Whakaraupō-Lyttelton Harbour and Koukourarata-Port Levy about what you value in this beautiful area.

Knights Stream area pedestrian safety improvements

We are improving pedestrian safety in Knights Stream to support students’ journey to school.

Cashmere, Colombo, Dyers Pass safety improvements

The intersection of Cashmere Rd, Colombo St, Centaurus Rd and Dyers Pass Rd is heavily used by people catching the bus, cycling, driving and walking.

Expression of interest 151 - 153 Gilberthorpes Road

We are seeking expressions of interest from community organisations who are interested in 151 - 153 Gilberthorpes Road.

Proposed alcohol ban in Woolston Village area

We’re very keen to hear the views of local residents, businesses and community groups on whether they support an alcohol ban, and what area should be covered by a ban.

Recreation and sports centres survey

Help us plan the activities, programmes and events we will offer.

Te Kaha surrounding streets

We're planning to upgrade the streets surrounding Te Kaha so that they're prepared for the increased activity this area is likely to experience. Have your say on the plans.

Opawa Children's Library building - Expression of interest

Expression of interest - Purchase and relocation of Opawa Children's Library building

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