University parking plan review area one

We have noticed increased parking demands and changes to parking patterns surrounding Canterbury University and Christchurch College of Education. In response we are initiating a parking review and seek community feedback.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 20 October 2017 to 11 November 2017

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Consultation has now closed

Consultation on the University Parking Plan Area One has now closed.

During this time we heard from 155 individuals and groups.

Consultation feedback is now available. [DOCX, 70 KB]

This project will not continue as there was little support from community for this project. 

Any issues arising within this area are to be notified to the local Traffic Engineer who will consider each issue on a case by case scenario.  

Why do a parking review?

Parking on Hamilton Avenue near Clyde Road intersection.

Parking on Hamilton Avenue near Clyde Road intersection.

There is high parking demand in the suburbs of Fendalton, Ilam and Upper Riccarton that is predominantly related to staff and visitors of Canterbury University and Christchurch College of Education. Much of the area is subject to high all day parking demands and is covered by an existing comprehensive parking plan named ‘The University Parking Plan’ which was implemented by Christchurch City Council in 1996.

We have observed that changes to parking patterns are resulting in increased heavy parking demand on streets that are outside of the original parking plan area. We have also received numerous calls from residents about parking issues within the area covered by the existing plan. Both the University and College of Education now run summer programmes and/or events, increasing the summer parking demand. In response staff have started a review of the entire area.

For ease of communication with community the parking plan will be divided into separate areas and we will seek community feedback on each area over the next year.

 Area One

The following new parking changes and signage changes are proposed:

  • Current P120 restriction area’s that include March-November are proposed to be changed to year round Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. All other current P120 restrictions that are not 9am-5pm will be changed to these times.
  • Proposed new P120 restrictions to be year round Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm (applies to the streets of Hamilton, Lothian, Ilam, Tuirau, Swanleigh, Ryeland, Braithwaite)

Your feedback on this proposal will help us to complete our review of the area and to make any further adjustments. Any existing parking restrictions that have not been identified on the plan will remain as they are.

Project Objectives

Clyde Road

Clyde Road

  • To audit existing signage and markings to ensure they are correct and the most appropriate.
  • To investigate residential streets on the periphery of the current parking plan that are also experiencing high congestion issues.
  • To review the March-November restrictions are still relevant or whether the University and College visitors during summer months warrant year round parking restrictions.
  • To identify and propose minor changes within the scheme to elements that are not effective e.g. revised time restrictions, no stopping restrictions.
  • To consider safety and accessibility by emergency services.
  • To improve parking for residents and their visitors where possible.
Scheme plan

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