St Asaph Street proposed road layout options

The Council’s Infrastructure Transport and Environment (ITE) Committee has called for community feedback after receiving a Council staff report on two options for road layout changes on St Asaph Street.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 14 September 2017 to 6 October 2017

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Council decision - 23 November 2017

At its meeting on Thursday 23 November the Council approved the following changes on St Asaph Street:

  • Minor enhancements including additional loading zones for goods vehicles.
  • Request staff to undertake public consultation on reducing the speed limit along St Asaph Street to 30kph.
  • Request staff to investigate and ensure all other reasonably practicable options have been explored and implemented to address any safety concerns noting that the Committee will be advised of any safety measures before implementation.
  • Request staff to investigate the installation of mobility parking to appropriately service St Asaph Street and advise the Committee of the outcome.
  • Request staff  to undertake a review of the functionality of the road corridor including the width of the lanes and the provision of car parking.

Committee recommendations to Council

At its meeting on Wednesday 8 November, the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment (ITE) Committee recommended some minor changes to improve the functionality of St Asaph Street.

 The changes will cost about $210,000 and involve:

  • Modifying the parking bays so they are easier to get in and out of.
  • Installing extra loading zones for goods vehicles.
  • Installing additional cycle parking.
  • Modifying the tree pit kerb design so they cause less damage to car wheels.

The Committee’s recommendations will be considered by the full Council on 23 November.

The Committee is also recommending that the Council begin consulting the public in the new year on lowering the speed limit on St Asaph St to 30km/h. It has called for a review of the functionality and safety of the corridor, including the cycleway, in 24 months. The Committee has also asked staff to investigate options for mobility parking in the area.

Council staff report available

The Council staff report on the proposed road layout options, following the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment (ITE) Committee meeting on 30 October to hear feedback, is now available(external link).

St Asaph Street – feedback on proposed road layout options

The Council’s Infrastructure Transport and Environment (ITE) Committee received 329 responses after calling for community feedback on two options for post construction road layout changes on St Asaph Street.

St Asaph Street options feedback table [PDF, 10 MB]

The responses were received between 14 September and 6 October 2017.

Both options were included in a Council staff report considered by the ITE Committee at its meeting on Wednesday 13 September 2017.

  Report to ITE Committee and attachments

Documents tabled at the ITE Committee - 30 October 2017

The two options in the ITE Committee report were:

Option 1: Minor Enhancements proposed by Council staff:

  • Install two goods vehicle loading zones.

  • Modify the entry/exit of parking bays to make access easier.

  • Install additional cycle parking on identified islands.

  • Modify the tree pit kerb design to mitigate damage to car wheels.

Option 2: Changes proposed by the Central City Business Group:

  • Reinstates approximately 53 car parks.

  • Revises the tree pit design on the north side of the corridor and reduces the number of tree pits provided.

  • Reduces the width of the northern footpath from three metres to two metres in the future to allow vehicle lanes to be widened.

The community was not specifically requested to choose between the two options. Some respondents supported other options. As a result the feedback has been broadly split into three groups:

  1. support for Option 1 (Minor Enhancements) or the existing road layout (264 responses)

  2. support for Option 2 or opposition to the current road layout (38 responses)

  3. those who did not indicate a preference for either Option 1 or 2 (27 responses)

Feedback themes from those supporting Option 1 include:

  • Don’t reverse moves to create an attractive, sustainable city designed for all types of travel.

  • Don’t put car parking spaces ahead of cycle safety.

  • Remove parking on the south side of the road, or near entrances, permanently or for a trial period.

  • Option 2 is costly and causes safety issues identified in an independent safety audit.

  • Lower the speed limit to 30 km/h.

  • Don’t be influenced by a small vocal group.

Feedback themes from those supporting Option 2 include:

  • More car parking spaces needed to support local businesses.

  • Improved access to parking spaces needed.

  • Lane widths too narrow.

  • Concerns about the current kerb design.

  • Revise/reduce the number of tree pits.

  • Existing road layout is flawed and dangerous.

Dates Next steps
Monday 30 October Opportunity to speak to the ITE Committee. Committee Advisor Samantha Kelly is contacting all those who have indicated they wish to speak at this meeting. The agenda will be available from Tuesday 24 October.(external link)  For further details email or phone (03) 941 6227.
Wednesday 8 November St Asaph Street road layout options considered at the scheduled ITE Committee meeting which is expected to make its recommendation to the Council.
Thursday 23 November Council meeting expected to consider the ITE Committee’s recommendation.

If you have any questions about the Council meetings please contact the ITE Committee Advisor Samantha Kelly (details above). For any questions about the St Asaph Street project please contact Senior Engagement Advisor Jennie Hamilton by emailing or phoning (03) 941 5207.

Construction of the new St Asaph Street layout, including a separated cycleway from Madras Street to Antigua Street, was completed in December 2016. Post construction road safety audit recommendations by an independent Road Safety Audit team, are underway. These are enhancements to the street that improve visibility and traffic flow. They do not impact on either of the proposed options

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