Enliven Places – street mural

This summer we want to add one more great piece of street art to the city's collection and we want you to help us create it!

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 20 November 2017 to 27 November 2017

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The mural is complete!

Artist Brandon Warrell has completed his work! Be sure to come to the Central City and see it.

Learn more on Newsline.(external link)

Colourful mural of kowhai and waxeye on the side of Ibis Christchurch

The results are in!

Rise from the Rubble was the overwhelming favourite as voted for on facebook. You can read more about the winning art work on Newsline(external link).


As Christchurch continues to grow and thrive in a post-earthquake environment, ‘RISE UP’ takes inspiration from the people of Christchurch working to reshape and rebuild their city. The bold contemporary typeface chosen to represent the new physical structures rising up within the city, interacting nicely with the two South Island Saddleback birds and the local flora and fauna images, the mural paying tribute to both the importance of the area, and Christchurch’s identity as ‘The Garden City’.

Breathe. Life. In.

As a city, we have lived through extraordinary times. Times that have challenged us, tested our resolve and now are growing us into a magnificent, strong city. A city who knows who we are, as we have had to redefine ourselves, to ask the big questions. The city centre is now an energetic, vibrant place, full of new life and energy. Remembering to breathe in every moment, to savour life and relax into each day are vital to us as a people moving forward. Breath is life, and life we, as the people of Christchurch, cherish so greatly. As much as this is a time for us to forge ahead, to spread our wings and soar, it is also a time to breath, to pause, to value what brings us joy. This artwork inspires us to make time for what helps us breathe: whether it’s biking or enjoying a coffee with a friend, surfing to sailing, enjoying the nature that surrounds us our garden city. Taking time to breathe, allows us to grow greater than before.

Rise from Rubble

The design I have created shows the beauty of New Zealand’s flora and fauna with the Kowhai and Silvereye as the main elements of the mural. I see a dynamic future for Christchurch as this beauty is rising from the rubble of the fallen city in the hope to bring inspiration to the people of Christchurch. The intention is to acknowledge the great loss but to look forward to the future and the magnificent
new life as the city continues to rebuild.


The opportunity

There is no denying it – the Central City is starting to buzz again. New retail and hospitality venues are opening almost weekly and, with summer fast approaching, there is a real opportunity to encourage people back into town. But we all know there is still work to do. Getting around and vacant spaces are still a challenge and it is here that there is some great potential for regeneration projects to really make a difference.

The Enliven Places Programme delivers projects to enliven the Central City and we want to get the people of Christchurch to shape and pick what projects we undertake. For this first project we would like your help to design some new Central City street art.

We have secured a great spot in the heart of the city, which will get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Strand Lane runs between Hereford Street and Cathedral Square, with the Ibis Hotel’s ‘blank canvas’ facing east.

Why a mural?

Image of Ibis wall where mural will go

The Ibis canvas. That's one big wall!

The street art scene in Christchurch has become a talking point of the city’s regeneration, and using art to enliven a space is not a new idea.

It helps bring colour and life to the city, while giving people a reason to look closer and possibly discover something new. A mural is a fun project to get involved with and will be delivered in time for the summer season.  

By starting with a simple street art project we can test a few things while getting everyone used to this new way of working together. 

Future projects will open up opportunities to participate with a wider range of ways to enliven the city, not necessarily restricted to art.

How it will work

IOmage of Ibis wall showing it's prominent location

The completed mural will be visible from Hereford Street, Strand Lane and The Square

Suggest your idea - Complete

We received over 100 ideas about what street art you want in your city.

Discuss and share - Complete

There was some active and lively discussion on Facebook. Lots of you tagged in your friends who we are hoping will get involved in the current round of submissions responding to the artistic brief - see below for more details.

Behind the scenes - Underway

Our review panel have used the ideas generated to create an artistic brief based on the five favourite themes. This brief is available to local artists to design and create a mural that incorporates one or more of these themes.


When we get the artists’ designs back we will post them on facebook and open a poll for you to vote on your favourite. The design with the most votes will be installed on the wall for everyone to enjoy!


Finally, come into town, spend a few hours, bring some friends and marvel at the art that you made possible. 

The details


  • Submit and discuss (6 to 23 October)
  • Concept development (24 October to 13 November)
  • Voting (20 to 28 November)
  • Delivery (mid-December).

Submission format

  • Written descriptions should not be longer than 150 words.
  • Graphics (JPEG or PDF).


Submission must:

  • not be inflammatory, use offensive language, be obscene or foul or intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age
  • not infringe on copyright or be an advertisement for products or services
  • be intended for display on the wall of the Ibis Hotel on Hereford Street
  • be realistically achievable by suitably adept artists.

Stakeholder panel list

  • Jonathan Dean, IBIS Hotel
  • Youth Voice
  • Council arts advisor

Artwork credit

Artists that appear in the video include: Fluro and Oche, Captain Kris, Vexta, Sofles, Pops, Anthony Lister, Wongi "Freak" Wilson, Askew, Berst, Jacob Yikes, Rone, BMD, Buff Monster, Owen Dippie, Flox, Numskull, Tony Fomison, Rob Hood, and Richard Van Der Berg.


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How the decision is made

  • Decision made

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