Hoon Hay Road intersection safety improvements

We're making Hoon Hay Road intersection way safer for everyone.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 7 June 2023 to 27 June 2023

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Why we're doing this

Concerns were raised by the community about the safety of pedestrians crossing Hoon Hay Road near the Rose Street intersection. Between 2018 and 2022, there have been four crashes at this intersection, including one incident in 2020 that resulted in the death of a cyclist turning into Rose Street. In response to this, Council is taking action to make this intersection safer.

We're proposing to

  • Install a pedestrian refuge island with buildouts outside 264 Hoon Hay Road.
  • Paint a flush median strip at the intersection to allow cars travelling along Hoon Hay Road to wait safely to turn into Rose Street.
  • Renew the existing pedestrian refuge island at the Rose Street entrance.
  • Slightly extend the kerb on the north side of the Rose Street entrance.

The proposed crossing will remove approximately 3 car parking spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you install a pedestrian refuge island that doesn't get rid of parking?

It's important that we help pedestrians increase their view to see any potential dangers to safely judge a gap in traffic and for drivers to see crossing pedestrians. To make sure that views aren't blocked, it's necessary to remove kerbside parking. We've proposed side islands to limit the extent of parking loss on the western side of Hoon Hay Road, which will allow pedestrians to wait to cross safely. On the eastern side of the road, no-stopping restrictions are required for traffic and cyclists to safely pass the pedestrian refuge island with enough space.

How long will construction take?

Two to three weeks (weather permitting).

Will I still be able to drive through here while construction is being done?

Yes, traffic management will be in place to make sure traffic can commute normally.

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Who to contact

Kiran Skelton,
Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

  • Closed for feedback

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