Innes Road renewal

Everyone should be able to safely walk, scooter, bus, cycle or drive where they want to go. That’s why we’re planning to renew Innes Road as its condition has deteriorated and needs to be fixed.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 28 June 2023 to 12 July 2023

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Consultation has now closed

Consultation on Innes Road renewal has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from Wednesday 28 June to Wednesday 12 July 2023.

During this time, we heard from 46 individuals and groups. You can read their feedback(external link) and the staff recommendation(external link) as part of the agenda for the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board meeting, and find out how this influenced the Community Board decision(external link). You can also watch the decision being made(external link).

We expect construction to begin during the last quarter of 2023 to first quarter of 2024, and are aiming for Christmas holidays to minimise disruption. We will stay in touch.

We're planning to renew Innes Road as its condition has deteriorated and needs to be fixed. We’re also making other improvements to make it safer to travel on Innes Road.

On Innes Road, we're proposing to:

  • Renew the road and footpath, between Mersey Street and past Philpotts Road finishing outside the shops.
  • As part of this renewal work, we’ll be:
    • Upgrading the existing school zebra crossings at Mairehau Primary School and St. Francis of Assisi School to make it safer for children to get to and from the schools. The upgrade includes raising the crossing to make people more visible to drivers, and to slow traffic down as they approach so they can stop in time if they need to.
    • Widening and renewing the footpath, and upgrading kerbs at some locations.
    • Introducing kerb buildouts at Ethne Street, Nancy Avenue and Kensington Avenue intersections, a central island at Thames Street intersection and upgrading the existing central island at Philpotts Road intersection. This reduces the crossing distance to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Making changes to some on-street parking (20 car parks removed) to accommodate the intersection safety improvements, and also allowing buses to enter and exit existing stops safely. We're also proposing to reinstate one car park.
    • Adding stop signs and associated road markings at Mersey Street, Severn Street, Jameson Avenue, Thames Street, and Ethne Street, to make it safer.
    • Ensuring a consistent treatment of tactile pavers at pedestrian crossing locations to make it safer and more accessible for pedestrians.
    • Replacing the water main from Mersey Street to Philpotts Road. For this work we’ll work with our contractors to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Innes Road safe speed neighbourhoods

  • A speed limit reduction to 30km/h during school hours between Nancy Avenue and Mahars Road has been proposed (this has been previously consulted on(external link) and is awaiting a Council decision).

View the plans

Download the plans [PDF, 709 KB]

Raised pedestrian zebra crossings

A raised pedestrian zebra crossing incorporates a priority crossing, featuring white striped bars on a platform raised above the road carriageway. This gives pedestrians priority, making it safer to cross, and helps to reinforce slower vehicle speeds and opportunities to give way.

This approach supports Road to Zero(external link)(external link), New Zealand’s road safety strategy with a vision where everyone, whether they’re walking, cycling, driving, motorcycling or taking public transport, can get to where they’re going safely.

Raised safety platforms make the crossings safer and more attractive for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. These users are more vulnerable to serious injury or death from impact as they do not have the same protection as cars. 

raised pedestrian zebra crossing

Raised pedestrian zebra crossing example


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Who to contact

Samantha Smith,
Engagement Advisor

How the decision is made

  • Decision made

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