Scarborough Park Playground Renewal

This project involves the renewal of the play equipment at Scarborough Playground in Sumner.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 16 October 2017 to 14 November 2017

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Consultation has now closed

Consultation on the Scarborough Park playground renewal has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 16 October 2017 to 13 November 2017.

During this time we heard from 125 individuals and groups.

Consultation feedback is now available as well as the amended landscape plan which will be included in the staff report for this project.  The staff report will be presented to the Linwood-Central Heathcote Community Board at their meeting on 4 December 2017.

You can also view the attachment that goes with submission # 8069

The staff report is  now available(external link).

What is this project and why are we doing it?

The current play equipment at Scarborough Park is due for renewal. Scarborough Park is a heritage park located on Heberden Avenue in Sumner.

In December 2016 the project team asked the community to complete a survey to help us understand the type of play equipment the community would like to have included in this park. From this survey we discovered that the most popular type of play equipment involves swinging, climbing, nature play and sliding.

There were also some specific requests for large games, a scooter track, shade, seating, nature tunnels, monkey bars, an obstacle course, to make it toddler friendly, swings, a climbing net and another rocking horse.

The project team also met with a small group of students from Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Sumner in August 2017 to check that we were on the right track.

This work has now resulted in the draft concept plan [PDF, 6.4 MB], which we would like community feedback on. 

Your ideas

The project team would like to thank everyone who provided us with ideas for the playground.

[PDF, 7.8 MB]

Students working with the project team to sense check the equipment ideas

Have your say

The project team have used community feedback to put together the landscape plans for Scarborough Park. This is now your opportunity to let us know what you think. We are specifically interested to know what colour theme you would like to see for the play equipment.

Colour palette

Neutral colours

This colour theme involves mainly timber with some red and blue

If the neutral colour option is chosen then each item of play equipment will match this theme.  For example some of the play equipment items could look like these images.

Eagles lair

Mouse wheel

Climbing tower with slides

Rocking horse which is only available in these colours

Triple swing set

Heritage colours

This colour theme involves timber with red, blue and white

If this colour option is chosen then the play equipment will match a red, blue and white theme.  For example some of the play equipment items could look like these images.

Dancing snake rope swing

Climbing tower with slides

Mouse wheel

Rocking horse only available in these colours

beach themed spring toys / rocker examples only 

Paddling pool colours

This colour theme involves timber with green, blue, yellow and red

If this colour option is chosen then the play equipment will be matched with a green, blue, yellow and red theme which are the colours of the nearby paddling pool.  Some of the play equipment items could look like these images.

Scarborough Park paddling pool

Eagles lair

Inclusive carousel

Climbing tower with slides

Rocking horse only available in these colours

Mouse wheel which could be yellow or green



1. Nature play items

This type of play equipment encourages children to enjoy the natural environment and assists with the development of balance and co-ordination. This equipment is only available in neutral colours. Children will enjoy exploring the nature play area, there will be boulders, stepping posts, tree stumps and logs and low planting. 

Example of nature play equipment

2.  Climbing tower with slides

There were a number of requests for a wiggly slide both through the survey responses and from speaking with the school students.  This 5.8 m climbing tower includes three slides (two wiggly slides and one double wave slide), a vertical life buoy climbing net, a talk tube, and will include binoculars/telescope. 

Climbing tower with slides

3.  Eagles lair climbing net

The Eagles Lair has a spiral path, leading up to the massive 1900 mm diameter basket at the centre. The Eagles Lair includes two 1000 mm diameter Baskets, one climbing ladder, one climbing net and two climbing chimneys.

Eagles lair climbing net

4.  Triple swing set

The swing set will include two standard swings, one basket swing and two infant swings (one with a higher back for extra support).

Triple swing set

5.   Rocking horse

Scarborough Playground would not be complete without a rocking horse. This one is modern and complies with the playground standards.  With the colour options this piece of equipment is only available in cream and red, but these colours will still compliment either of the three colour themes.

Rocking horse

6.  Mouse wheel

This mouse wheel will be the first of its kind in a Christchurch City Council owned park. Very popular with young and old, the mouse wheel provides a challenge while encouraging skills like hand and foot coordination and problem solving.

Mouse wheel

7.  Dancing snake rope swing

Is it a swing or a spinner? You decide, it does both! Four large oversize 160 mm plaited ropes swing and rotate around a maypole. 

Dancing snake rope swing

8.  Spring toys/rockers

Beach themed spring toys that provide a rocking, bouncing experience.  The number of these and the type will be decided at the detailed design stage and will be subject to the available budget.

Beach themed spring and rocker toys

9.  Inclusive Carousel

The carousel is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs as well as those who wish to stand or sit as they spin around. 

Inclusive carousel

10.  Scooter path

There were also requests for a scooter track or path. There is a 1.2 metre wide sealed scooter path proposed around the playground as part of the concept plans.  This path will be black asphalt.

Example of a scooter path

Playground accessibility

In order to make the playground more accessible to those in wheelchairs or with prams, we are proposing using rubberised safety surfacing.

Example of rubberised surfacing

Other work included as part of this project

Tree removal works

The concept plan includes the removal of one Macrocarpa tree.  This tree is in poor condition and if it remained, it would be an ongoing health and safety concern.  The removal provides additional space for more play equipment. 

We will look at how we can incorporate the tree trunk and branches into the nature play area.


Macrocarpa tree proposed for removal (circled in red)

Drainage, turf improvements and irrigation works

There will be some minor improvements to the drainage, turf and irrigation within the playground area.  Existing lawn irrigation will be extended.

Park furniture

There are currently six picnic tables located within the park. We are proposing to add three more accessible picnic tables around the playground.

Rubbish bin provisions will also be considered as part of this project.

The community BBQ that currently sits in the park will remain where it is, and will continue to be available for community use.

Example of additional park furniture to be included

Other planting and pruning works

The concept plan includes increasing the low planting in some of the bedding areas and general pruning works to improve visibility into the park.

Pathway renewal works

The current pathway is in fairly good condition, but parts may need a tidy up. This will be assessed during detailed design and will be subject to available funding

Come and talk to us

If you would like to come and chat with the project team about this project, please drop in and see us:

Date:         Saturday 28 October 2017.

Time:         Drop in at any time between 10 am and 12 noon.

Location:    Scarborough Park, Heberden Avenue, Sumner.

If it is raining heavily then the drop in session will take place on 4 November instead.

You can also view the paper consultation leaflet [PDF, 9.8 MB] that was distributed to properties surrounding Scarborough Park.  


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