Representation Review Final Proposal Appeals and Objections

Council has adopted a representation review final proposal. If you do not agree with the proposal you can now lodge an appeal or objection, which we will provide to the Local Government Commission for their consideration.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 25 June 2021 to 26 July 2021

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Appeals and Objections have now closed

Appeals and Objections have now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 25 June to 26 July.

During this time we heard from 26 individuals and groups. Their feedback was supplied to The Commission, who will considered the Appeals, Objections and other information provided before deciding the representation arrangements for the Council and the 2022 Local Body Elections. You can view maps of the new Ward and Community Board boundaries .

Consultation on the Representation Review Initial Proposal 2021(external link) ran from 20 March to 16 May 2021 and we heard from 226 individuals and groups. You can read more about the process on Newsline(external link).

We need to refer our final proposal(external link) to the Local Government Commission as our proposal does not comply with the +/-10% rule due to retaining Banks Peninsula as a community of interest. If there are areas of our final proposal that you would like to see changed you can appeal or object as part of this process.

Should I appeal or object?

An Appeal may be made by a submitter on the initial proposal about matters related to their original submission.

An Objection may be lodged by any person or organisation on issues where our final proposal differs from the initial proposal. Your objection must clearly identify the matters which your objection relates to.

Our role 

We will receive Appeals and Objections and send them to the Commission along with;

  • the final proposal
  • the initial resolution of 11 March (including the initial proposal)
  • the March public notice
  • submissions received on the initial proposal
  • other population and ‘communities of interest’ related information

The Commission's role

The Commission will consider the Appeals, Objections and other information provided. They will then decide the representation arrangements for the Council, before 11 April 2022.

When considering Appeals and/or Objections against the final proposal, the Commission has the option of either making a decision based on the information provided, or by holding a hearing, at which those involved can choose to present their views.

The Commission’s decisions take account;

  • matters that come before it through Appeals and Objections
  • matters raised in submissions to the Council’s initial proposal
  • information gained through any further enquiries the Commission considers appropriate

The Commission will amend any parts of our proposal that it decides does not comply with the statutory provisions, whether or not that element of the proposal was the subject of an appeal or objection. So there may be occasions when the Commission’s decision is not due to any particular proposal, submission, objection, or appeal.

If the Commission does not feel that we are justified in not complying with the ‘+/-10% fair representation rule’, then the Commission will ensure that this rule is applied.

The Commission will make enquiries as required and may choose to hold meetings with parties.

The Commission's decision can only be appealed on a point of law in accordance with schedule 5 of the LGA 2002, or subject to a judicial review.

The Commission’s decision will take effect for the next triennial general election in 2022. You can read more about the process on the Local Government Commission website.(external link)

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