Managing noise from the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena

Have your say on proposed amendments to the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan to manage noise from the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena.

Project status: Closed for feedback
Open for feedback: 26 January 2021 to 1 March 2021

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New date for drop-in session

Because of the change in alert levels, we had to postpone the drop-in session that we had planned for Tuesday 16 February. 

This has now been rescheduled.

When: Anytime between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday 23 February

At: The Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, 234 Hereford Street

 From All Black tests and Football World Cup qualifiers to big concerts and events, the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena (Arena) will be able to host them all. Our state-of-the-art Arena will add to the central city’s vitality, catalyse further development, enhance the region’s sporting and cultural identity and reputation as a nursery for sporting talent, and boost the city’s economy by attracting visitors from around New Zealand and the world.

As part of the work to construct the Arena, we need to consider how this venue should integrate with the surrounding area, and the residents and businesses that are currently there (and will be there in the future). We also need to consider how the Arena can achieve the outcomes we need for our city’s economy and growth.

We also have to plan for the impacts of the Arena – specifically, how noise for can be managed.

Under the existing Christchurch Central Recovery Plan and District Plan there are no restrictions on noise from the Arena and limited provision for acoustic insulation for nearby homes. We recognise that this needs to be addressed if we want to maximise the benefits of having this venue in our city centre. We’re seeking your views on a proposal that we ask the Minister to use Section 38 of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016 to amend the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan and District Plan in regard to noise.

In August 2020 we asked residents and businesses in the area and across the city for feedback on how we could manage noise. We’ve used that feedback to help inform conditions for the Arena and rules for surrounding activity that we think would be appropriate to manage noise effectively, while still ensuring the Arena can operate successfully and be the attraction that the city needs it to be.

We are proposing the following noise-related conditions and rules that include: 

  • A noise limit for concerts of 80 dB LAeq (averaged over a 15 minute period) at a residential compliance point outside the Arena i.e. a maximum of 105 dB LAeq (averaged over a 15 minute period) inside the Arena.
  • A noise limit on public address (PA) systems for non-concert events.
  • A bass noise limit, which will still allow a wide range of music types to produce an acceptable sound level for concert goers, but will reduce the noise nuisance at distance.
  • Real time noise monitoring at specified compliance points.
  • A standard finishing time of 11pm, except for New Year’s Eve when concerts could continue to 12.30 am.
  • An upper limit of 15 concerts per year over 65 dB LAeq at a residential compliance point.
  • A requirement for a noise management plan, which will set out how the noise limits will be achieved, and how a range of other noise related activities will be addressed.
  • An amended noise insulation rule, which strengthens the insulation requirements for new buildings in the area.

We believe these proposed measures represent an appropriate balance that enables the Arena to achieve economic and social benefits for the city, while also managing and reducing noise for nearby neighbours, and are interested in your views.

Read the draft proposal 



Talk to the team

When: Anytime between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on Tuesday 23 February

At: The Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, 234 Hereford Street

If you would like to speak to someone about this project please get in touch with Katy McRae 


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Who to contact

Katy McRae,
Engagement Manager

How the decision is made

  • Closed for feedback

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