Main Road footpath reinstatement and bus stop relocation

This project involves reinstating the footpath outside Moa Bone Cave in Redcliffs and future bus stop relocation.

Project status: Decision made
Open for feedback: 7 February 2018 to 19 February 2018

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Decision on this project

On 15 August 2018 the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board decided to.

  1. Approve implementation of the footpath adjacent to the security fence opposite No 5 Main Road to 27 Main Road.
  2. Request staff work with the Ministry of Education to identify a location for the bus stop outside the new Redcliffs School as part of the street front design.
  3. Approve the no stopping restrictions on the north east side of Main Road from Beachville Road to and including No 27 Main Road, a distance of 235 metres from the intersection.
  4. Approve the no stopping restrictions on the south west side of Main Road from McCormack’s Bay Road to Puriwheriro Lane, a distance of 258 metres from McCormack’s Bay Road.
  5. Request that staff align the road resurfacing of Main Road Redcliffs with the footpath reinstatement at Moa Bone Cave.

The staff report(external link) that was produced for this project and was presented to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board on Wednesday 15 August 2018, can be viewed online.

We expect construction works relating to the footpath and road resurfacing to start in October and will be aiming to have the works completed by the end of 2018. A start work notice will be distributed to nearby properties and be available online once these time frames have been confirmed. This work will be subject to weather conditions and contractor availability.

Consultation has now closed

Consultation on the footpath reinstatement and future bus stop location has now closed.

During this time we heard from 38 individuals and groups.

Consultation feedback is now available.

We had advised that we were looking to begin construction of the footpath outside Moa Bone Cave on Main Road Redcliffs in March 2018, but this work has now been delayed.

Following community feedback on this project, we would like time to review the issues raised and analyse some aspects prior to deciding our recommended option to take to Elected members for a decision. We will update this page when we have more information on the next steps for this project and when a staff report will be presented to Elected Members for a decision.

Main Road Redcliffs footpath reinstatement and future bus stop relocation 

Footpath reinstatement

We have recently completed risk remediation works adjacent to Moa Bone cave and have fenced off the area that has residual risk of rockfall. The remediation work removed the previous footpath and we were asked by the wider community to investigate and build a new footpath on the cliff side of the road.

This investigation work has now been completed and a plan for a new footpath adjacent to the fence has been created. As it is an arterial route, marked cycle lanes are required in addition to the vehicle lanes to provide a safer area for cyclists using the road.

To make room for the two vehicle lanes, two cycle lanes and a footpath on each side, there is not enough space to retain any on street parking opposite the fence. This parking was removed when the containers were placed on the road immediately after the earthquake, so these parks have not been available for a number of years.  We are planning to install the new footpath in March 2018.

Main Road in Redcliffs

Bus stop relocation

In addition there was a bus stop that was located outside 7 Main Road. This was removed when the containers were installed and we are proposing to permanently relocate it due to the footpath. We are looking at installing it outside 31 Main Road. This location is subject to the legal requirement for a land swap being adopted between the old Redcliffs School site and Redcliffs Park. If this process is finalised it makes sense for the bus stop to be located as close as possible to the new Redcliff’s School site. This location will suit a potential new crossing point for the school that is also being investigated. Please refer to the proposed footpath scheme,  for further detail.

What happens next?

A staff report will need to go to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board in relation to the relocated bus stop, and they will need to consider community feedback as part of their decision. If you have any feedback regarding the bus stop, please let us know by 19 February 2018. If you would like any further information you can phone directly on (03) 941 5938 or contact us by email.

Any community feedback will then be included in the staff report. We will also keep you updated on the timeframes for the relocation of the bus stop and advise on when the Community Board will be making their decision.


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