Once a water connection has been installed, the Council owns and is responsible for the maintenance of the water meter and isolating valve. It is responsible for pipes and other equipment up to the property boundary.

It is up to the property owner or developer how water gets from the property boundary to the new or redeveloped building or amenity. Not every water connection goes to a building. Other uses include irrigation systems, golf courses or rural supplies to stock watering systems.

Refer to the Christchurch City Council Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater Bylaw 2014 [PDF 158 KB] for the conditions and approvals required for a water connection.

The Council can also provide temporary connections for building sites, road works or for situations requiring large volumes. This is usually done through a backflow-protected and metered standpipe which connects to a fire hydrant or by a temporary connection that will be plumbed into the reticulation network.