The biggest source of wasted water is leaks, with millions of litres of pure drinking water being lost across Christchurch each year.

We often do not know our pipes are leaking and if undetected can result in a huge loss of water and damage to property. A leak of one litre a minute would fill 1440 one litre pump bottles in a day.

Businesses and non-rateable properties like schools and churches are charged for the water they use so a leak could potentially cost them thousands of dollars a year.

It is a breach of the Christchurch City Council Bylaw to have fittings that cause water to be wasted. The Council may give written notice requiring specified work to be carried out in within the specified timeframe. 

How to check for leaks

The best way to find a leak is to use your eyes and ears. There are a number of simple checks you can do:

  • Check for damp patches in the garden or driveway during dry weather
  • Look for single patches of the lawn that are always green no matter how dry the weather has been
  • Listen for water running down a drain when no water is being used in your property
  • Listen for water hissing or the sound of running water (rather like when your tank or cistern in the toilet is filling) when there is no water being used in the house.

If you have found any of the above situations, we suggest that you check your water meter. This is the most accurate way to know whether you have a leak.

Find out how to check your water meter.

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