Water supply

Christchurch drinking water is mainly drawn from aquifers deep underground. The Council has a network of wells, reservoirs, pipes and pump stations. It does regular testing and maintenance in line with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand(external link).  

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Water Reporter

From October 2022, households using more water than average will pay extra for their water supply. Check your property's water use with our Water Reporter.

Water chlorination

Water chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to the water supply to keep it safe from harmful bacteria. Sodium Hypochlorite is used in Christchurch.

Where our water comes from

Water from underground aquifers is used to supply the Christchurch urban area, Lyttelton, Diamond Harbour and Governors Bay..

Backflow prevention

Information about backflow prevention to stop accidental contamination of our water supply.

Building near the water and wastewater network

If you are building a house or garage it's worth checking your plans don't involve building over a Council water supply.