Find out what to do if your bin has not been collected or has only been partially emptied.

Missed bin

If your bin was not collected, a sticker or tag should have been stuck to it explaining the reason(s) why.

If there was no sticker or you think your bin was missed, please contact the Council within 48 hours. When you call, please provide the serial number from the side of the bin.

There are many reasons that your property’s bins may not have been emptied on collection day, such as:

  • Lids were not shut flat or bins were overflowing.
  • Bin contained liquid, hazardous or other contaminated waste.
  • Bins were not registered to your property.
  • Bins were too heavy, bins heavier than 70 kg are unable to be emptied.
  • Bin was not put out on time.
  • Bin was not correctly presented at the kerb.

Bin only partially emptied

If your bin is only partially emptied please loosen the material in your bin and call the Council so we can get it emptied for you.

In very cold weather, some green organic bins freeze, and when the collection truck tips the bin into the truck, the material won't fall out. To try and avoid this you can line your bin with newspaper or cardboard to prevent it sticking. Please call the Council if this happens and we will return to empty your frozen bin.

Contamination stickers

Council educators periodically check the contents of wheelie bins at the kerbside to ensure the contents comply with the 2009 Waste Management Bylaw. A sticker or tag will be attached if it is not collected due to contamination.

To make sure your bin is collected next time, please remove the item that should not be in the bin. Depending on what it is, you may be able to put it in a different bin, or take it to the EcoDrop.

If the bins are contaminated several times, the property can lose its collection service.


To find out what can go in each bin, you can look at the pages about waste sorting or use the Wheelie Bins App.

Bin tampering

We will not return to empty a bin if it has been stickered.

Contact us if you suspect your bin has been tampered with or you have witnessed the tampering of your wheelie bins or their contents at the kerbside. You will need to provide as much information as you can including type of contamination and a possible source.

Your responsibilities

To make sure your bins are collected, please check that bins:

  • Have their lids shut flat.
  • Are out by 6am and in by 11pm on collection day (to help prevent bin theft).
  • Are on the footpath or grass verge closest to where the collection vehicle passes, logo facing the road.
  • Are at least 50cm apart from each other and from obstructions like trees and power poles. Bins heavier than 70 kg are unable to be emptied.
  • Are not contaminated. Check the Christchurch Wheelie Bins app or the Sorting page to find out what to put in which bin.

If your bins go missing on collection day, please report it to us within 24 hours of your pick up day to avoid replacement costs.

If you are moving house, please leave the bins behind at their allocated address.