You are able to change the size of your bins to suit your needs.

Change the size of your wheelie bins

Please note: If you select a large green bin, or two large yellow bins, you will be charged an additional annual service fee by Waste Management which needs to be paid before your bins are delivered.

Changing the size of your bins

When you first request bins for your property, you can select from:

  • a 240 litre or 80 litre yellow recycling bin
  • a 140 litre or 80 litre red rubbish bin
  • a 80 litre green organics bin

If you want to swap the size of your existing bins later on, you can choose to:

  • Upsize or downsize your yellow recycling or red rubbish bin: $93
  • Upsize or downsize both your yellow recycling and red rubbish bins: $105.00

Please note:

  • Your yellow recycling bin must be the same size or bigger than your red rubbish bin.
  • These are one-off charges, include GST and are valid until 30 June 2019.
  • Only the property owner, manager or Housing NZ officer can request to swap a bin.

Adding an additional or enhanced bin

If you need more capacity than the standard set of bins you can apply for:

  • a larger 240 litre organics bin: $194.00 annually
  • an additional 240 litre recycling bin: $39.00 annually


These annual fees include GST and are subject to change upon yearly renewal.  

We do not provide a larger or additional red rubbish bin. This is in line with Council policy encouraging people to reduce waste to landfill. 

You will need to pay the annual fee before the bin is delivered. The billing year will begin when the bin is delivered to your property. 

You will be asked if you want to renew this service one month before your contract (billing year) expires. If you do not wish to continue this service, please contact Waste Management on 0800 222 431 within 2 weeks of receiving account to cancel the service.