A super fun way to find out what items go in the right bin. Play now.

Take the test, and challenge your friends and family

How to play

  1. Open Bin good (external link)
  2. Drag items into the correct bin:
    • Rubbish in the red bin
    • Recycling in the yellow bin
    • Organics in the green bin
  3. The colour wheel will spin if you put the item in the right bin, or shake if you get it wrong.
  4. Receive points for every correct answer – see how many points you can get. 

The game is supported on most web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox. However, it is not supported on Internet Explorer so it won’t work if you are using this browser.

Unsure about which items go in each bin?

Download the Christchurch bins app(external link).

It has a handy lookup tool so you can find out what goes in each bin as well as reminders to take the bins out each week.