Our new 2016 Rating Valuations include the impact of earthquake damage, so affected properties will have reduced rates from 1 July 2017 without the need for additional Remissions.

The Council no longer provides rates remissions for uninhabitable earthquake damaged houses. Previously, a remission was provided so that the house was rated on land value only (ie. as if the building had been demolished). 

Remissions are no longer required because our new 2016 Rating Valuations now include the impact of earthquake damage.  Affected properties will have a lower Rating Valuation, and rates charges will reflect this lower valuation without the need for additional remissions.

Rating Valuations are assessed by Quotable Value (QV, our external valuers).  It is not possible for QV to physically inspect all properties in their valuation work, and some types of significant damage may not be visible even if an inspection is done.

Unrepaired damage

If you have significant unrepaired damage, you should make sure this is declared to either QV or the Council:

  • If you did this before 30 June 2017, your valuation will have been adjusted and your rates will be calculated on the damaged value from 1 July 2017.
  • If you have not done this (or did it after 30 June 2017), then we cannot legally adjust your rates charges to reflect any changes in your valuation until next rating year (ie. from 1 July 2018).

The need to declare your earthquake damage was highlighted in an advertising campaign in late 2016, and on the formal Valuation Notice sent to all ratepayers in December 2016.  All ratepayers previously receiving the uninhabitable earthquake remission were also written to personally in August 2016. 

Contact us

If you have any queries about your old remission or new Rating Valuation, please email us at remissions@ccc.govt.nz.