Complaints about noise from business are treated differently to complaints about homes.

Noise from businesses

Complaints concerning noise from a commercial or industrial operation can be assessed by the Council's Environmental Health Officers.

If the noise exceeds the relevant levels set by the rules in the City Plan, a request will be made to reduce the noise emission to a complying level. This request can be enforced if necessary.

Noise within the work place is covered by the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. Contact the Occupational Safety and Health Service of the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment.

Construction and demolition work

Often construction and demolition work is unavoidably loud, and the rules about such work allow for these higher noise levels. Provided that the levels in the Construction Standard are met at nearby residential areas, noisy work between 7am and 6pm is generally acceptable from Monday to Saturday. Public holidays and Sundays should be quiet. There are no standards for measuring "in ground" vibration.  For concerns regarding structural damage you should contact your insurance company.

The New Zealand Standard for construction noise (NZS6803:1999) can be viewed at: link)