Ways to reduce noise in your neighbourhood.

Radios, televisions and stereos

Usually it's the unreasonably loud use of stereos in residential neighbourhoods that causes most concern.

  • Keep the volume down, especially late at night
  • Keep the bass control low, deep bass sound travels easily
  • Use headphones
  • Play music inside with windows and doors closed.


  • Let neighbours know beforehand, and stick to any agreed finish time
  • Control the music level and move everyone inside after 10pm
  • Remind guests to leave quietly.

Musical instruments

Amplified instruments or drums can be annoying for neighbours.

  • Schedule practice times to avoid the early morning or late evening
  • Keep the volume low and don’t go on too long
  • Liaise with neighbours to agree on a suitable practice time
  • Practicing in a residential area is possible if you're in a room with sound insulation. If not, try to find a non-residential space to practice in (i.e. in a commercial/industrial zone).

Gardening and DIY work

  • Use noisy power tools at a reasonable time of day. Between 7am to 8pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 8pm on Sundays
  • Let neighbours know if you intend carrying out significant amounts of noisy work.


  • Choose an alarm that automatically resets itself after a limited period of time
  • Consider having your system monitored
  • Maintain the alarm regularly
  • Provide your contact details to neighbours.

Cars and motorcycles

  • Only use your horn in emergencies, and keep your car stereo to a reasonable level
  • Excessive engine revving or prolonged idling should be avoided
  • When repairing vehicles, follow the above advice about the timing of DIY work
  • Noisy vehicles on the road are dealt with by the New Zealand Police.


  • Barking dogs are covered by the Dog Control Act 1996, contact the Christchurch City Council Animal Management unit on 941 8999
  • Information on dogs and barking issues 
  • Roosters are not suitable for keeping in residential areas and are best confined to rural areas, as their crowing is nearly impossible to control.