No advertising or soliciting for custom is permitted in any cemetery.

Cemetery opening hours

Cemeteries operated by the Christchurch City Council are open for public visiting seven days a week.

  • Summer (daylight saving time): 7am to 8pm
  • Winter (standard time): 8am to 5pm


Private vehicles are only allowed into a cemetery during its open hours. 

Except for a hearse or Council authorised vehicle, vehicles are only allowed on marked roadways or any open area clearly designated for vehicles.  

Speed limits and traffic rules are to be observed at all times. Drivers must respond to any directions given by the Sexton (the person, or any assistance of that person, who is authorised by the Council to carry out work on behalf of the Council in any cemetery).

Dogs and animals

Any person taking a dog into a cemetery shall keep the dog on a leash and under effective control at all times, as outlined by the Christchurch City Council Dog Control Bylaw 2008 and the Christchurch City Council Parks & Reserves Bylaw 2008.

No animals, including birds or fish, either as ashes or as a body, may be interred in a Council cemetery unless placed in a sealed casket with the deceased.

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