We're improving Coronation Reserve over the next few years to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

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 As part of our Annual Plan for 2022/23, Councillors approved additional funding for the continued development of the reserve. This work is outlined in an approved landscape plan. [PDF, 12 MB]

When the plan was approved in 2008, some funding was set aside to form the current central walking track between Vista Place to the bottom of Major Aitken Drive, scrub clearance around the boundaries, and some planting. 

Unfortunately following the Canterbury earthquakes, the project was placed on hold with only minor works being undertaken since then.

Thanks to efforts from local residents, the Council has provided additional funding through the Annual Plan review to continue with improvement work to see the planned development fully completed.

Although the original timeframes shown on the plan [PDF, 12 MB] are out of date, the actual staging of works is still relevant.

The Council now has a programme in place to continue with this development. The timeframes and detail below is shown at a high level:

Financial year: 1 July to 30 June Budget
2022/2023 $500,000
2023/2024 $101,090
2026/2027 $80,000
2029/2030 $100,000
2030/2031 $100,000
Total budget $881,090

Please note that the funding shown past 2024 is subject to approval as part of the Long Term Plan review. Public submissions will be able to be made at that review time to either support or not support this project's future funding. 

Programme of works

Date Description Scope
November 2022 Community update
  • Inform the community of planned works.
November 2022 to January 2023 Trees
  • Thinning of pine and gum blocks.
  • Larger specimen trees will remain but may require some structural work.
  • Removal of small seedling trees under 150mm diameter. This will help open up the tree stands allowing light and water in for understory planting. 
November/December 2022 to March 2023 and again in 2024/25 Scrub clearance
  • This will be staged over several years to help prevent soil erosion.
  • The first stage will be clearing all boundaries.
  • The second stage will be clearing the internal scrub. This may require a third year subject to the amount of exposed ground.
  • Ongoing control of regrowth and weed species.
Approx start in February/March 2023 Tracks
  • Tracks to be developed in line with NZ Standards 8630:2004.
  • Undertake renewal work on the existing central track.
  • Form up the existing 'goat trail' running parallel to Major Aitken Drive.
  • Form steps on steeper sections.
Winter periods 2023 to 2031 Planting
  • Planting will follow winter after clearance work. 
  • Ongoing infill planting as required.
Installed as each stage develops Signage and furniture
  • Install park names and directional signage.
  • Install seats - locations to be confirmed as tracks are developed.

If you have any questions about this work, please contact Steven Gray, Project Manager.