Recreation and sport

Christchurch offers a range of indoor and outdoor recreation and sports activities to cater to the needs of everyone in the community.

Beaches and boating

The coastline of Christchurch offers many recreational activities.

Camping and campervans

There are plenty of beautiful camping spots in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula for you to enjoy.

Clubs and activities for older adults

Places to go, things to do, people to meet, every day of the week.

Explore parks

Walks in reserves, hills, forests and wetlands.

Learn to swim

Build confidence and learn the life skill of swimming with us.


We have pools and pool activities for play, swimming, training, or competition.

Rec and Sport Centres

Top-of-the-range gyms, group fitness classes, pools, and more.

The Southern Centre

Learn, explore and stimulate your senses through innovative lighting and sound technology.

Recreational cycling

Journey through Christchurch's stunning mountain bike tracks and scenic road rides.

Sport and recreation projects

Sport and recreation projects for new facilities around Christchurch.

Sports and activities

Check out a range of recreation activities the Council is involved with.

Sports grounds and stadiums

Find your nearest sports grounds and stadiums and check the closure information.