Urumau Reserve is located on the prominent lava flow ridge that borders Lyttelton township to the east. This walk utilises a section of the Crater Rim to connect Godley Head to Urumau Reserve.

Start Existing track, open and standard track marking
Finish Urumau Reserve Track junction
Time 2 hours 30 min one way
Toilets Located in the Godley Head car park
Dogs On a leash

Godley Head is a fantastic starting point for the Head to Head Walkway. On a clear day, this exposed headland offers views across the harbour to Banks Peninsula. The WWII coastal defence battery site was built in 1939 and is ranked in the top ten New Zealand coastal defence heritage sites.

The Tunnel Track, some buildings and the gun emplacements are closed due to damage from the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Allow 20 minutes here to explore the buildings that remain open. Check the Department of Conservation website(external link) for status updates. 

From Godley Head car park, pick up the Crater Rim Track on the Lyttelton side of the headland. The track climbs then sidles around under some steep bluffs above Breeze Bay before climbing again to wind its way above the cliffs to Livingston Col. Walk along the ridge with great views either side before dropping down beside a stock fence for about 1 km to meet the Summit Road at a cattle stop just above Evans Pass.

Walk down the Summit Road, crossing Evans Pass to pick up the Crater Rim again off Summit Road about 50 metres downhill.

The track passes through Buckleys Bay Scenic Reserve before reaching the junction with Urumau Reserve Track (currently not signposted). If you hit Chalmers Track you have missed this junction.