Charlesworth Reserve

The main car park is on Charlesworth Street, Brookhaven. You can also access the reserve via walking tracks from Humphries Drive, Waterman Place and via Ti Rakau Reserve.

Metroinfo(external link) has up-to-date bus information.

To protect the birdlife, dogs are prohibited from near the tidal pools, ponds and wetland areas.

Dogs on a leash are allowed in rest of reserve.

Check our map of leashed and prohibited dog control areas for further information.

This 20 ha of land, separated from the estuary by Linwood Ave and Humphries Drive, was drained in the 1920s and used as pasture. Restoration began in 1991, when paddocks were cleared and planted, and tidal pools were re-created.

The reserve is comprised of a tidal basin with surrounding saltmeadow, saltmarsh, coastal shrubland and coastal bush. Its role is to provide nesting, roosting and feeding habitat for native and migratory birds, as well as provide habitat for fish, estuarine marine life, lizards and terrestrial invertebrates.

The space is also a valuable recreational area for the local community. Seats at viewing points overlook the pools which are a hotspot for wetland and wading birds, including the migratory bar-tailed godwit/kuaka.

Over 100,000 trees, shrubs and marsh plants have now been planted at this site and volunteers play a major role in caring for these.  

Charlesworth Reserve is being actively restored by the Avon-Heathcote Ihutai Estuary Trust(external link), with support from Trees for Canterbury(external link), who donate and assist the planting of native vegetation. 

Make a difference and get involved in the regular working bees and community planting days held at Charlesworth Reserve.