Te Ara Ihutai Christchurch Coastal Pathway

A walkway along the coast, connecting Ferrymead to Scarborough.

The Christchurch Coastal Pathway was a community-driven project that, with Council support and funding, successfully delivered a world-class, 6.5-kilometre-long shared walkway that lets people enjoy the estuary while travelling the coastline from Ferrymead to Scarborough Beach.

The wide pathway offers a safe, off-road option for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, and people using scooters, wheelchairs and pushing strollers. 

For more information, you can visit the Christchurch Coastal Pathway(external link) website.

Ferrymead to Moncks Bay

Start: Scott Park car park

Finish: Tram stop, Moncks Bay

Distance: 3.3 km

Time: 35 minutes one way

Dogs: On leash

Toilets: Redcliffs Park

Access: Wheelchair accessible, shared pathway


The four-metre wide pathway starts at Scott Park beside the Ferrymead Bridge; there is car parking here.

The pathway follows the coastal edge for the length of McCormacks Bay causeway. It is shared use with pedestrians and cyclists, and suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. Features include a large macrocarpa tree, which is a popular roost for shags and the numerous wading birds that use the mudflats. Oyster-catchers are common, while godwits and royal spoonbills are seasonal visitors.

At the end of the causeway,  follow the coast along Beachville Road on the footpath and continue to Redcliffs Village. This section of the walk ends at the old tram stop at Moncks Bay.

Moncks Bay to Rapanui Shag Rock

Start: Tram stop at Moncks Bay

Finish: Rapanui Shag Rock

Distance: 850 m

Time: 15 minutes one way

Dogs: On leash

Access: Not suitable for wheelchairs, strollers or cyclists


This section begins at the historic tram stop in Moncks Bay.

Follow the rough single track around the bay to Rapanui Shag Rock. This section is only suitable for pedestrians. Cyclists must be on the road.

Rapanui Shag Rock to Sumner

Start: Rapanui Shag Rock

Finish: Near Tuawera Cave Rock, Sumner

Distance: 800 m

Time: 15 minutes one way

Dogs: On leash

Toilets: Sumner Beach

Access: Suitable for wheelchairs and strollers


A new mix of boardwalk and wide asphalt path suitable for cyclists, pedestrians, wheelchairs and strollers. 

From Rapanui Shag Rock, enjoy a stroll along the coast past Clifton Beach until you reach the Sumner Promenade.

Spot nesting boxes for blue flippered penguins and native landscape planting for wildlife.

Continue to Scarborough along the Sumner Promenade.