The Para Kore Wānanga Ikura aims to provide a safe space to learn about te ao Māori understandings of our Ikura (menstrual cycle/s) and to raise awareness about the waste associated with menstrual products.

By allowing space for whanaungatanga and kōrero about our ikura to occur, we will work together in understanding how to best care for ourselves and for Papatūānuku.

The whakapapa of the word ikura reminds us that as wāhine Māori, we were fashioned by atua at Kurawaka.

The many names for our menstrual flow in te ao Māori signals our connection to atua, to our lands, to generations before and those yet to come. "Para Kore Wānanga Ikura, are delivered from a Māori worldview, for whānau and to learn and talk about periods.

The different period products available now, single-use products versus reusable, costs and environmental impact of products are discussed to empower participants to care for themselves and care for Papatūānuku.

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Facilitated by: Miriama Buchanan.