This event is hosted by Ara Institute of Canterbury and presented by Dr Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed.

Drawing on what was witnessed following the Terrorist Attacks in March 2019, this seminar will look at the role that the outpouring of love and kindness by the people of Aotearoa, and what lessons there are for us, and those around the world.

From Mazharuddin:
Being a Christchurch mosque attack survivor myself, I have made this a mission of my life to educate the dangers of hate and prejudice in our society/workplace and share the great initiatives and tributes extended by the people of New Zealand post-Christchurch Mosque attack.

We believe that these tributes of aroha will help inspire people to create a positive environment and leave no place for bias, prejudice, and hate.

I had documented (details and images) of more than 80 events (tributes, vigils, support activities) post Christchurch mosque terror attack which had profound impact on the Muslim community and the people of New Zealand in general.

Mentioned below are the details of my seminar and will be my privilege to share this topic with our community.

I had developed this course which highlights the importance of being proactive in spreading aroha and raise self-awareness on our own biases, prejudice, and veiled hateful behaviours.