The social season is upon us, so make haste and call yourself a carriage to the enchanting realm of Regency High Society.

If you ever dreamed of travelling back in time to the sound of a violin quartet playing 21st-century pop tunes, get ready to be named the diamond of the season by the Queen, because now you can.

The Queen herself invites you to a once-in-a-lifetime evening of music and dance performances. Guests at this delightful soirée will travel through time into 1813 London, where they will make the Queen’s acquaintance at Her Majesty’s most anticipated afternoon affair.

Your presence is requested at the most exclusive show of the season. Now is your chance to secure your place to a musical experience transporting you straight to the Regency era with a modern twist.

Amidst such sophistication, who shall rise as the diamond of the season?