Follow the hilarious misadventures of Odysseus, king of Ithaca, who faces 10 years of obstacles and near-death encounters as he tries to get home after his victory in the Trojan War.

Anthony Harper Summer Theatre presents The Odyssey, a comedy staged by Noosed Octopus and adapted and directed by Dan Bain, based on the epic poem Odyssey by the ancient Greek poet Homer.

Beginning with the climactic moment at the siege of Troy – where Odysseus employs his ingenious Trojan Horse – the action then takes a turn for the worse. As Odysseus and his comrades begin their journey back to Ithaca, everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

There’ll be Greek gods, a one-eyed Cyclops, a bag full of storms, a love-struck witch, a six-headed monster, magic and many dead along the way. Romances are attempted, identities are disguised, and payback is priceless.   

With just three actors bringing hundreds of eccentric mythological characters to life, The Odyssey will exploit every comic opportunity and the outdoor setting for maximum entertainment.

This two hour show will have you on the edge of your camping chair, laughing yourself silly, and telling everyone you know they need to see it.

Anthony Harper Summer Theatre is free to attend, but koha donations will be gratefully accepted by Noosed Octopus. All ages are welcome, although these shows are best enjoyed by ages 12 years and over, the show is approximately two hours long with an intermission at half time.

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Anthony Harper Summer Theatre show times and dates

  • Thurs 11 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Fri 12 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Sat 13 Jan: 2.30pm & 6.30pm (2.30pm session is cancelled due to heat)
  • Sun 14 Jan: 2.30pm & 6.30pm
  • Thurs 18 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Fri 19 Jan: 6.30pm 
  • Sat 20 Jan: 6.30pm (Matinee cancelled due to hot weather)
  • Sun 21 Jan: 2.30pm & 6.30pm 
  • Thurs 25 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Fri 26 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Sat 27 Jan: 6.30pm
  • Sun 28 Jan: 2.30pm & 6.30pm