The Repair Revolution is driving a movement away from throwaway culture and promoting product stewardship through the art and practice of repair. We hold an event bringing together skilled and professional repair volunteers to help fix your stuff!

Things you might have that need repair are torn or holey clothes, stuck zippers, furniture, lamps, headphones and cables, sunglasses, appliances, electronics and gadgets, phones, computers (software or hardware), ceramics and pottery, toys, shoes, jewellery, blunt knives (to sharpen), broken plastic objects or anything that you can easily transport here.

Feel free to ask if you're unsure. If your broken thing needs specific parts to fix it, please bring them along too.


We are a volunteer service with a broad range of skills and experience. We, therefore, need to reiterate that there is the potential that we may be unable to repair your thing and also that we could irreparably damage it. I hope guests joining these events are aware that this is not a financial endeavor but instead a community gathering with a focus on repair.