In Radical Botanical, the plants are active, even provocative.

Through painting, photography, assemblage, ceramics, printmaking, olfactory art and mixed media, the artists of this group show all explore critical, playful, and challenging new ways of engaging with plants.

Novel creative methods generate new perspectives on flora that adorn, perfume, cure, invade, or struggle for survival. Sensitive engagements with vegetation stimulate ecological and cultural exchange, while past botanical traditions are reimagined or critiqued, breaking down hierarchies of artistic practice, gender and species.

Radical Botanical’s theme echoes the growth of the arts practice of Margaret Stoddart, who was born in the gallery’s historic building. After initially making accurate botanical drawings of native flora, Stoddart moved on to the decorative flower paintings deemed “an appropriate subject for young lady painters”. When she ultimately developed an impressionistic style, she was considered too radical by local critics of her day. 

The exhibiting artists are: Sarah Amazinnia, Sarah Anderson, Sharnaé Beardsley, Jo Burzynska, Justyna Burzynska, Marisa Cappetta, Tim Cheesebrough, Karen Colyer, Jo Ernsten, Jo Ewing, Masako Fisher, Evelyn Keeley, Graeme Keeley, Prue Kennard, Soon-Lee Spicer, Ilze Jansen van Rensburg, Cherei Richan, Innocenza Toritto, and Giselle Weir.

Opening hours

10am to 4pm, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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