We've laid the foundations for making your own original music from scratch in our Music Production two-day courses. Now we'll build on those foundations with a specially created follow-up day of learning in a supportive environment. This welcoming and cohesive day will go deeper into the Bass-ics of electronic music production, with three expert tutors Paige Julia, Ed Zuccollo and Huia Hamon.

The overall purpose of these courses is to get more women/femmes/non binary people making their own original electronic music, so that we change the diversity of who's getting booked as headliners for festivals and gigs. You'll need to keep putting time into making your music, but this is a fantastic in-depth session to help you keep learning more production skills and feeling motivated with your music.

Please note this course is not suitable for beginners.  This course is for women, femmes and non-binary people who have either:

  1. Already attended the two-day Music Production Weekend Course with The Sensonauts,
  2. Or have already begun their music production journey and have started using a music production software/digital audio workstation.

Big thanks to the New Zealand Music Commission for the fantastic funding for this course. Because of this wonderful help, and the fact we want to remove as many barriers as possible.

A big thankyou to XCHC as our venue, to lead course collaborator and tutor Paige Julia, and tutors Ed Zuccollo and Huia Hamon.

Image: A Sensory Adventure by The Sensonauts, credit Mark Westerby.

Please read the FAQs on our website. 

*Please note we have a no refund ticket policy.