Thank you for your interest in the Fairy Moving Day. Unfortunately, all of the spaces are now full to help move our fairies to their new home on Tuesday 29 September.

However, please feel free to visit the Fairy Village and add your new fairy homes to the village after Tuesday. If you are bringing a new fairy home to the village, please make sure you only nail the homes onto the timber planks attached to the trees. 

The trees in Bottle Lake Forest that are home to the Fairy Village will soon be harvested for logging.

Join us these school holidays on Tuesday 29 September, to help move their homes to a special, new village in Bottle Lake Forest. Bring any new fairy houses along that you wish to put up too.

There will be Park Rangers there to help with the move and demonstrate how to attach the fairy houses without using nails, which can damage the trees.

Please enter the park through the gate at the end of Queenspark Drive, and follow the signs to the existing fairy forest.