Christchurch! Are you ready to drag up your life once again?! Kelly Fornia is taking her drag lip-sync extravaganza all over the nation this year, and we had such an amazing time in Christchurch last year, that we just had to come back.

Drag up your Life features a fabulous selection of Wellington's finest drag Queens and Kings as we bring you lip-syncs and drag stage challenge realness honey that'll leave you gagged and your wigs snatched.

Thanks to such amazing shows as RuPaul's Drag Race, drag has now been brought into the mainstream limelight and we're here to show that New Zealand drag talent is not to be overlooked because we can sashay, shantay, twirl and kick as hard as the rest of the world.

This is an incredible 120-minute lip sync extravaganza full of stunts, fashion, comedy and just full on wiggery.

Oh and did we mention our show is PG! Which means you can bring the whole family along and enjoy a night full of wonderful dragtastic performances.

Our fabulous cast consists of:

  • Harlie Lux - Mx Capital Drag 2017 & Miss Pinup New Zealand People's Choice 2018
  • Robin Yablind - Mister Burlesque Aotearoa 2018 & Supreme Grand Tease 2019
  • Selina Simone - Talk show hostess & Mx Capital Drag 2020 finalist
  • Homer Neurotic - Multi award winning Wellington Drag King
  • Yonic K - Wellington's favourite Aunty
  • Christchurch's own Kelly Fornia - Mx Capital Drag 2018 & TVNZ on Demand's House of Drag Season 2

This incredible cast will be bringing you a mix of your favourite classic songs and your recent top 40 hits coming at you from every direction henny! You do not want to miss this incredible production!

Any questions please contact Kelly on