Cass Bay Dinghy Shelter Storage

Removal of Vessels - there are several vessels/dinghies stored at the shelter without Council authorisation. These will be removed unless the appropriate authorisation is granted.

Cass Bay Dinghy Shelter Storage

A review of the occupancy at the Cass Bay Dinghy Shelter has highlighted that there are a number of vessels/dinghies stored in the shelter without the relevant authorisation under the Council’s Marine, River and Lake Facilities Bylaw 2017.  This is a breach of the Bylaw.

The Council has no records of the occupiers at spaces number 4, 13, 14, 26 and 28.  These have been tagged on 8 January 2022 with a request to contact the Council.  Under section 164 of the Local Government Act 2002, the Council may seize and impound property where that property is materially involved in the breach of a bylaw.  The Council may dispose of this property at the owner's risk.

If this is your vessel/dinghy or you know who is using the space, please ask them to contact to arrange a licence.  The current annual fee is $165.

Those vessels/dinghies stored without permission will be seized.