Riccarton Racecourse Bill

Public Notice of Intention to Introduce a Local Bill

Notice is given under the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives that the Christchurch City Council ("the Council") intends to promote a Local Bill into Parliament called the Riccarton Racecourse Bill.

The objects of this Bill are to:

(a) identify part of Riccarton Racecourse to be available for housing development (the development land);
(b) provide the Board of Trustees with the powers to prepare, finalise and implement a development scheme in relation to the development land;
(c) confirm that the balance of Riccarton Racecourse continues to be held by the Board of Trustees on trust for the purposes of racing (the reserve land), and that the reserve land is subject to the Reserves Act 1977;
(d) provide for the continuation of the Board of Trustees in whom Riccarton Racecourse is vested, and to modernise the provisions relating to the membership of the Board, its powers, and the way in which income may be applied;
(e) otherwise provide for the administration of the Board of Trustees; and
(f) repeal the Christchurch Racecourse Reserve Act 1878.

This Bill is companion legislation to a Government Bill to be known as the Riccarton Racecourse Development Enabling Bill. However, if certain circumstances set out in the Bill do not eventuate, the Christchurch Racecourse Reserve Act 1878 will remain in force, and this Bill will be repealed.

A copy of the Bill [PDF, 174 KB], together with the description and plans [PDF, 4 MB] of the affected land [PDF, 399 KB], are available for inspection for a period of not less than 15 whole working days from 9 September 2015 to 30 September 2015 during usual business hours, without fee, at the Council's offices and service centre at 53 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

In addition, a copy of the Bill, together with the description and plans of the affected land, are publicly available on the Council's website at the following address:

Correspondence concerning the Bill should be addressed to:

Riccarton Racecourse Bill
The Chief Executive
Christchurch City Council
Private Bag 73016

In addition, if you would like any further information about the Bill, please contact Dr Karleen Edwards, Chief Executive, Christchurch City Council, email rosie.jordan@ccc.govt.nz or phone 03 941-8999.