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Plains, Port Hills & Peninsula – Finding our Way

Beca Heritage Week 2017 will run from 13 to 23 October 2017 and celebrates the rich heritage of Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

The theme for Beca Heritage Week 2017 is Plains, Port Hills & Peninsula – Finding our Way. The theme reflects this year’s anniversaries which offer the chance to explore and celebrate the cultural and physical development of our district and the pursuit of leisure activities in a unique landscape, defined by Plains, Port Hills and Peninsula.

Results 1 - 42 in Beca Heritage Week 2017 (sorted by date)

1 October 2017 to 29 October 2017

Enjoy a day out in Diamond Harbour. Come by ferry, car, motorcycle or bike.

13 October 2017 to 23 October 2017

An exhibition for those who love freewheeling.

13 October 2017 to 14 October 2017

Visit the Fendalton restored heritage stone church St Barnabas and surrounds.

13 October 2017

Explore the heritage grounds, house and legacy of the Deans family with the Riccarton Bush Trust.

13 October 2017

Join Grace Training NZ for a discovery of our inner city's historic gems nestled among a world of the new and bold.

13 October 2017 to 23 October 2017

Take a tour of an historic cemetery with an emphasis on notable and interesting grave sites.

13 October 2017 to 23 October 2017

Visit an exhibition of photos and stories that explores the history of the lost cave baches.

13 October 2017 to 15 October 2017

View an exhibition which explores the development of Halswell and the quarry.